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Highlights in Gelsenkirchen

Nature and culture in extraordinary places

Blue and green - that's Gelsenkirchen: Blue, of course, like the royal blue Schalke 04, in whose arena not only the ball rolls, but also international stars such as Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift come to spectacular concerts. Or blue, like the famous sponge reliefs by Yves Klein in the Musiktheater im Revier or the blue ribbon of the Rhine-Herne Canal, which runs through the city from east to west. There are also extensive green spaces, large forest areas and parks with old trees, as well as industrial forests and parks that breathe new life into former heavy industry sites. Former industrial slag heaps are now excursion destinations with fantastic panoramic views over the Ruhr region. There are also spectacular venues such as the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, a jewel of brick expressionism, or the amphitheatre with its stage directly on the Rhine-Herne Canal. Gelsenkirchen is the perfect place for anyone who likes the rugged charm of a big city, the juxtaposition of culture and nature in extraordinary places, and who loves football.

photo: Doppelbogenbrücke in the Nordsternpark Copyright: City of Gelsenkirchen

Nordsternpark - Venue for the IGA 2027

On the site of the former Nordstern colliery, industrial heritage and an extensive park combine to create one of the places in Gelsenkirchen where past, present and future merge seamlessly. The site has been developed since 1997 and can now be used in a variety of ways as a landscape park, with hiking and cycling trails, children's playgrounds, boat moorings, a restaurant and the amphitheatre, a spectacular venue where concerts are held in summer. In 2027, Nordsternpark will be the venue for the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Metropole Ruhr.
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ZOOM Erlebniswelt

In Gelsenkirchen, you can go on a "trip around the world in one day" at ZOOM. The adventure worlds of Alaska, Africa and Asia have been created on an area of more than 30 hectares. The only zoological adventure world in Europe with a consistently natural design offers more than 900 animals in over 100 species an almost natural home. Here, the impressive landscape architecture enables the most exciting encounters between humans and animals.
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photo: zebras in the zoo Copyright: ZOOM Erlebniswelt
photo: ´white building Copyright: City of Gelsenkirchen | Karsten Rabas

Musiktheater im Revier

The most beautiful opera house in the district! The theatre was opened in 1959 and the architecture and art on the building inspired people all over the world. An openly designed theatre, planned by Werner Ruhnau and refined by artists such as Yves Klein and Jean Tinguely. The significant architecture is also reflected in the LOGO of the city of Gelsenkirchen for Euro2024. The theatre stages symphony concerts, musicals, opera, operetta, ballet, puppet theatre and much more. If you fancy taking in some culture in this fantastic building, take a look at the programme (german website).

Rheinelbe spoil tip and sculpture forest

In the south of Gelsenkirchen, the cone-shaped Rheinelbe spoil tip is visible from afar. The paths spiral up to the highest point, which is crowned by the large sculpture "Himmelstreppe" (Stairway to Heaven), constructed by the artist Herman Prigann (1942 - 2008) from large, old concrete blocks from the Königsborn coking plant in the form of a staircase. The path up to the slag heap leads through the Rheinelbe industrial forest, a wild, unspoilt urban forest in which nature is largely allowed to develop freely and where you will repeatedly discover steel and concrete sculptures that were also designed by Herman Prigann.

photo: view on a spoil tip Copyright: City of Gelsenkirchen